5 reasons why you your TikTok ads suck.

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Maybe you have been running TikTok ads lately and you are down right failing.

Whatever might be the case, you came to the right blog.

I am going to talk about the 5 common reasons why you are probably having trouble on TikTok.

I will try to keep this short and sweet, so once you finish reading this, you can go and fix all your problems.

Let us get right in:

Your TikTok Ads Creative sucks

I do not like to be the person to tell you this, but hey. Some tough love is needed.

If your Click Through Rate (CTR) is anything lower than 1%, than you need to take a second look on your Ad creatives.

Focus on the Hook, and then change the content.

Make sure they are native TikTok styled Ads, make sure they have good lighting, filmed with a great camera.

Research your competitors using TikTok ads libary or a TikTok ads spytool.

You can also see what kind of works on TikTok by looking at organic content in your industry.

But what if that was not your problem?!


You forgot to season the pixel

No, please do not go and get salt. I did not mean it literally. (funny me)

Basically, you have not given TikTok`s pixel enough data to understand your product and your Ad.

Make sure you either increase your budget or let the ads run for some time.

“bUt i Do NoT wAnT tO sPeNd MoNeY!”

Then do not run TikTok ads, if you are on a tight budget.

Running Ads needs a lot of testing on any platform, so if you can not do that…sucks to be you I guess.

Make sure however to structure your optimisation and campgain goal correctly, I have a full guide right here.

Basically, if you are lazy: You want to let TikTok collect data on every step of your funnel. That is it.

If you are an Ecom store, you start to optimise for “add to cart” first and then you go to the next step.

Read the guide, I go on detail on how everything works.

“But Fadi, that is not the problem!”

Hmmm, how about

You fix your Landing Page

A lot ignore this.

Look, I am not a design expert, neither do I want to be. Eeek

If you have trouble with this, I know some folk on twitter(x) that handle this.

Just reach out to me here.

But to keep it simple, make sure it is mobile friendly.

Synergies your ads with the landing page, make sure they have the same feel.

Do not add too many distractions, make sure the customer can see the product quickly and simply.

A lot of brands just throw you onto their website/store front, which is also ok.

But I saw greater results with throwing the customer onto product directly, ready to click that horny, hot and attractive “add to cart” button.

Ahem, anyway. To the next possible reason.

Your Targeting is too narrow.

Umm, look you are not going to sell anything on TikTok if your target audiance is between the age of 21-22, female and are living in some random village in the USA.

Plus, 30 interests on top of each others.

There are two types of basic targeting that we use and we see great results with:

Complete Broad, where you only set age, gender and location.

For example, Females within the age 18-66 in the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Or you choose Interest grouping or stacking some might call it.

You choose a couple of interests that are related to your product and add location and gender if needed.

Later, TikTok will suggest some interests.

Make sure to be a good boy/girl and listen to what TikTok has to say.

It is far smarter than your monkey brain.

And finaly, which wierdly common.


A lot of people get dopamine rushes as they change a million things in their ad manager constantly.

I am talking every 4 hours…

Look, the more changes you make the more TikTok would be confused.

I suggest and advise you only make changes every week or every 2 weeks.

Within the first week, if your budget is sizable, you can make changes every 48-hours.

But otherwise, please let TikTok run the ads for a awhile.

Escpecially at the start, in the learning Phase.

Final words

Anyways, that is all from me.

Go follow me on twitter (or x now, Elon has some great naming talent) , I am active there every day.

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